Pharmacists have a unique role in the care landscape. They often know their patients personally and enjoy a lot of trust. They are health coaches who provide support, share knowledge and offer personalised solutions. They are the pharmacy’s greatest asset. A personalised product line will only strengthen that reputation.

Pharmacists are facing a new set of challenges

While pharmacies used to be the only source of health products, patients are now much more clued-up and they have many more sales channels to choose from. Yet pharmacists continue to have a unique role in the care landscape. For good reason.

  • What makes your pharmacy unique?
  • What strategy can you adopt to capitalise on your strengths, raise the profile of your pharmacy and drive up footfall and return visits?
  • How do you respond to the commercialisation of the care landscape and the success of ecommerce?
  • How do you respond to the rise in sales of health and care products through other channels?
  • How do you ensure you can continue to differentiate yourself and strengthen customer loyalty?

" I often know my patients personally and they trust my advice. "

What’s in it for you? You are your pharmacy’s biggest asset.

Why do patients come and see you? Because you are unique. You do your utmost to help them. And that goes much further than simply finding the right product.

Your reputation

Your patients know you to be a health expert they can trust.

Your personal approach

You are always very accessible for patients, who you’ve often known for a long time.

Your attentive mindset

You take the time to listen to patients and give them personalised advice.

Your advisory role

Based on your expertise and the trust you enjoy, you are able to provide patients with personalised advice to treat and prevent their problems.

You are a health coach who has a bond of trust with a patient, providing support, sharing knowledge and offering personalised solutions over the long term.

That makes you the pharmacist of the future. Innoventis One helps you strengthen your unique role.

The benefits of your own product line

Innoventis One helps pharmacists promote their unique identity and assets. That enables pharmacists to realise their full potential, drive footfall and strengthen customer loyalty.

So how do we do it? Advice is felt to be more authentic when it is backed by in-house products, so we create a personalised brand of high-quality health and care products. What’s the upside?

  • With an in-house brand, pharmacists can strengthen their ties with patients. An enhanced level of trust leads to more visitors and more sales.
  • And the sales margin on in-house products is higher. That results in higher earnings over the long term. We help pharmacists set their prices to maximise their profit margins.

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