About Innoventis One

Innoventis One helps care providers tell their personal story, helping them set themselves apart from the competition and tighten ties with customers. We do this by giving them the opportunity to market their own personalised brand of top-notch health and care products that reflect their expertise and authenticity.

Your customer, your brand

Quality is our number one concern

Our products and services meet the highest quality demands and are developed in collaboration with renowned partners and leading organisations. Knowledge, experience and innovation are combined into a single story through our tight-knit customer and partner network.

Our mission and values

The success of Innoventis One is built on five values that form the DNA of our company. We are guided by these values in the pursuit of our mission: strengthening the ecosystem of care providers, who are tightly bound to their customers in a unique story.






Stay up to speed

New technologies and economies of scale are disrupting the health landscape. The position of intermediaries that consumers no longer feel add value is questioned. There is a clear shift in consumer behaviour. Innovation and strong customer focus, emotion and solidarity are assets that care providers need to capitalise on. Innoventis One helps them do this.

And the surfeit of product information creates new opportunities: consumers are looking for authentic sources they can trust. Trust grows from empathy, knowledge and personal advice. Authenticity comes from telling your own story. That’s in complete contradiction to what internet and social media serve us on a daily basis... an opportunity for care providers and we aim to help them seize it.

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