Domains of expertise

We have expertise in creating health and care products under your brand name in three key domains: skin care, organic herbal tea and nutritional supplements. In each category you find ready-to-personalise, ready-to-produce and full custom-made formulas, in any quantity and form of packaging. You choose.


Our expertise in developing personalisable dermocosmetics means we have a large range of standard to entirely custom-made care formulas for the most common skin problems: acne, sensitive skin, and very dry to atopic skin.

We also offer high-quality cosmetic formulas for all skin types, based on patented active ingredients or in objective concentrations. We choose to use as many natural ingredients as possible, combined with the most intense sensorial experience. 

We work closely with our customers to develop the ideal formula every time. And with leading experts in the industry and in academia. So you can always have peace of mind that our skincare products fulfil all quality and safety standards.

Herbal tea

Like to offer your own branded organic herbal tea? We have a range of types, specially developed for different target groups. All formulas are scientifically underpinned and carefully put together, prepared with high-quality botanical raw ingredients, without added aromas. We work with a selection of reliable growers, ensuring each organic herbal tea fulfils the highest quality demands.

Nutritional supplements

Your own brand of 100% natural nutritional supplements? We have a varied range of scientifically underpinned formulas, cocreated with the industry and scientific experts from the best possible scientific evidence, in objective concentrations.

For our formulas we work exclusively with clinically tested ingredients of the highest quality in their purest form, natural additives and doses based on clinical research. Our catalogue contains nutritional supplements for common indications, a source of added peace of mind.

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